If you don't mind me asking, which colleges did you go to?

I started out at Drew University in New Jersey, but quickly found that it wasn’t the sort of environment I could truly be happy in. When I was a senior in high school, I didn’t care much about where I’d attend college so, naturally, I went to the school that gave me the most money and was in closest proximity to NYC. At the time, I thought I’d either major in studio art or international relations and Drew does have some pretty good opportunities related to both (ie. established programs for coursework and interning at the UN or in artists’ studios). However, I took one of their highest level art history courses as a freshman and the teacher thought I was a junior or senior… it wasn’t quite rigorous enough to satisfy me. Now, this isn’t to say that Drew is necessarily, on a whole, lacking in academic rigor - I can’t speak to any math or science courses or even upper level coursework in most of the social sciences and humanities. I thought the professors were lovely (albeit, hindered by the student body at times). It has a pretty enough campus with a ton of very friendly, beautiful deer. 

So, I applied to a number of places and got into some schools that, thinking back, maybe I should have attended. Instead, I transferred to Reed College in Portland, OR. I wanted to run away across the country and start a new life for myself, which could have worked out had I not been in a long-term and, then, long-distance relationship. The relationship withered under the duress of the distance and time difference. I just didn’t have enough time to have a life with him and also build a life at Reed - I had to choose one or the other. After one semester, I left Reed and flew back to the East Coast to mend my relationship and attend Hampshire College, which I also only spent one semester at.

To be quite honest, I like Hampshire the best out of all the schools I’ve attended, but once I was there, I decided it was time for me to be a bit more practical and less emotional about my college career. At that point, I’d decided that I would focus on art history and that it would be for the best if I went to a school that would have connections and opportunities for me in post-grad life. So, I chose Smith College and I don’t regret the decision at all. I did, however, continue to take courses at Hampshire. I also took a couple of summer courses at UMass, one in London through IESA, and! Most importantly! I took an accelerated, horrible course at the oh-so prestigious Holyoke Community College. And that’s where, in the most unexpected place at probably the least convenient time in my life, I met my husband. We got in a fight during the first class and I walked away fuming with anger. Six months later we were engaged. 

It’s funny how things work out. 

Also, I know you were probably looking for a quick, little list. Sorry! 

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Congratulations on your marriage! Your wedding photos are breathtaking and beautiful! I love how in love you and your husband look.

Thank you so much - that’s very sweet of you to say. We tolerate each other pretty well most of the time.

Kidding! We love each other tremendously. In that sickening, vomit-inducing, beautiful sort of way. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him. 

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I saw your wedding photos on my dash today, you look absolutely stunning. I hope you and your husband have a long & happy marriage :)

Thank you so much! David and I plan on it. 

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Tell me about your life! When did you start practicing yoga? What did you use for tools to start yoga? Did you go to college? How old are you? What do you do for work? If you could live anywhere where would you live?

Hi, friend! So, I’m just going to answer your questions in the order you’ve asked them.

I started practicing yoga about eleven years ago - I was lucky enough to have yoga classes offered through my middle and high school. They were introductory/beginner level and we focused equally on seated meditation, pranayama, and asana practice. Up until college, I practiced regularly, but during college I fell away from it for quite a while. It took some significant life disruptions for me to find my way back. I began again with more in-person, introductory classes and Tara Stiles’ videos online. Then, I found out about yogaglo and it was absolutely phenomenal. I went from practicing three times a week to almost every day (I’ve chilled out since then).

As I’ve mentioned, I did go to college. Actually, I went to a few colleges - I moved around a bit just trying to find the right fit (and maybe also trying to run away from some ghosts of lives past). I’m 25 now and I work in the art gallery world, which is pretty great.

In an ideal world where I own and run multiple, lucrative art galleries… I would still choose to live somewhere in New England because… foliage. But, obviously, I’d also love to have a little apartment in Dublin and/or London. A cabin in the woods out in Oregon would be pretty ideal as well. 

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